Becky Kelch - Estimator

Becky Kelch, Bob Kelch's daughter,  has been in the hardwood flooring business for 20 plus years. Her expertise lies in customer relations with home owners, builders, and designers.  The hardwood flooring business is in her blood.  Becky is very knowledgeable and can help you determine what your hardwood needs are.  

What would her suggestion be to you on your hardwood choice? Do what you love! But her favorites are a Rift and Quartered Oak, Cumaru, and Brazilian Oak. Some of these she loves so much you can even find them in her own home

Bill Kelch - General Manager

Bill Kelch, Bob Kelch's son,  has an astonishing 30 plus years of experience and 5th generation Kelch in the hardwood flooring industry. It is our belief that when it comes to the art of hardwood installation and sanding and finish, Bill is one -if not THE- best in the world of hardwood flooring.  Bill is more than a craftsman - he is an artist.  You can see some of his designs in our gallery and of our facebook page.  





Thea Haig - Office Manager

Thea has been with Bob Kelch Floors for over 15 years. She is ready and waiting help you get your services scheduled. Thea will also help you with any accounting needs.

Her favorite wood? Well it was an instant answer...Natural Red Oak.


Fred Hansen


Fred has been a part of Bob Kelch Flooring for over 30 plus years! His expertise lies in in custom trim, and repairs. For many years, Fred has worked one on one with customers to help guide them to the the best solution to any issue they may have encountered.

Ted Plotkin - Owner

Ted Plotkin is a true flooring expert. Third generation in the flooring business from a very young age he was taught the details of the business from proper warehouse work, technical installation, to now running one the most successful flooring businesses in Central Illinois.

Our Crew



Along with the above named, Bob Kelch Floors has an entire crew willing and ready to help you turn your dream of beautiful hardwood flooring a reality. Bob Kelch Floors is proud to state that with all of our employees we have over a 185 years of flooring experience. After a hundred years of our doors being open we believe when it comes to hardwood flooring there is no other company in this field who is able to provide the same expertise as Bob Kelch Floors. We have professionals at your disposal ready to make your hardwood floors beyond breath taking.

 Our Job site foreman, Matthew Rushing, has come to us from Michigan as a third generation floor sander learning from his grandfather.  Matthew has 30 plus years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry and holds certifications with the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Asscociation).  Matthew is also a retired decorated Marine Corp Captain.  We are proud to have him on board with Bob Kelch Floors.

The rest of our sand crew, Ty, Maurice, and Hieu, are proud to say that they learned the  sanding and refinishing skills from Bob Kelch Jr himself. 

Our install team includes Jacob and  Josh Kelch (Bill's son and 6th generation Kelch).  Both learning their skills from Bill.  



We look forward to working with you.