What is the lead time for scheduling a floor refinishing or installation?

Generally from 1 to 3 weeks out. Consult our office for an exact time.

How long does a hardwood floor installation take?

Every floor project is different and installation times vary.  We can give you an accurate time and cost for Hardwood Floor installations when we come out to give you an estimate.

How long does the sanding/finishing process take?

Normally sanding & finishing is a three step process that can take as little as 3 days up to 6 days, depending upon drying conditions.

1.) Sand- Firstly we sand the floor down to bare wood to remove most blemishes such as dents, stains, scratches and of course the old finish.

2.) Stain/sealer- If a stain color is desired we apply it at this stage or we just apply the wood sealer on Natural floors.   24 hours of dry time is required before sealer coat on stained floors.

3.) Finish-  the last step is Two Coats of Finish grade polyurethane that must dry between coats, we usually allow 24 hours dry time in between coats to achieve proper curing.

We offer both oil-based and water-based polyurethanes.

How much dust is created with the sanding process?

There will be a fine particles on any horizontal surface in the sanded areas. To keep dust from penetrating other areas of your home, we recommend applying plastic to doorways using 3M blue tape and thin plastic film. The plastic and 3M blue tape is available at your local hardware or home supply store or this service can be provided by our team for an additional charge.

Can I stay in my home during the floor sanding process?

Yes, however access to the floors will be restricted because of the need for a certain amount of drying time each day.

How long does it take for the floor to dry after each surface coat is applied?

A coat of sealer takes 8-12 hours to cure — a coat of poly takes 4-6 hours to dry.

What temperature should I keep my home during the finishing process?

68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, if your home is too hot or too cold, it could cause the finish to dry incorrectly and delay the job.

Do I need to move my furniture for the floors to get sanded?

Yes.  The rooms to be sanded will need to be clear of furniture.  It simply isn’t feasible to move furniture around the room as we sand, additionally we can’t have anything on the floor while we are staining/finishing or it will get “glued” to the floor.

We recommend waiting 48 hours after the final coat is applied (with protective felts under all furniture). Large area rugs need to be kept off the floor for the first 30 days.  Use a breathable perforated rubber pad under rugs. We sell protective felts and the perforated rubber carpet pads are available as well.

Will my floors be shiny?

You have a choice of a satin, semi-gloss or high gloss finish for your floor.

What time will the refinishing crews start each day?

Generally most installations or refinishing jobs are started between 7:30 am & 8:00 am in the morning.

The application of polyurethane varies from day to day depending on the finishing crew’s route, and will be decided at that time.

What are your payment options?

Generally we require 75% down to start the job with the remainder due upon completion. We accept checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Financing plans are available.

Do you give estimates?

Yes. We can give you a rough estimate over the phone or depending on the city you live in, we can travel to your site and calculate a free in-home estimate.

Do you offer any warranty?

We offer a one year limited warranty on all our floor installations and refinishing jobs.

We are fully bonded, licensed and insure