Hardwood Staining in Peoria IL

Hardwood Staining in Peoria IL

Need Hardwood Staining in Peoria IL or Surrounding Areas? Turn to Bob Kelch Floors

That’s because we are #1 in hardwood floors throughout Central Illinois. Just call us and see what we can do. We specialize in staining your hardwood floors, no matter what type you have. With a variety of stain hues and tints available, we are sure to meet and exceed your needs. We are happy to be your premier destination for hardwood staining in Peoria IL and surrounding areas with a company that spans six family generations. If your hardwood floors are looking dull and drab, we can transform your kitchen, dining room or any other room into a showpiece!

What We Do

First, you choose the type and color of stain you want. We have oil- or water-based stains available and can recommend the best one. The color you choose will enhance the natural beauty and character of the wood grain. We can help your floor’s true personality shine through. It’s like getting a beauty makeover for your floors!

Hardwood Staining in Peoria IL

Our team will apply the stain expertly and efficiently. Once it is dry, we will apply an environmentally safe, strong and fast-drying top coat. Plus, we will screen, buff and vacuum between coats so you get the best results possible. This is to protect your hardwood floors from future wear and tear. After all, your floors have to be functional as well as beautiful. We will give you several different finishes to choose from, whether you want a low luster or a high gloss. With proper staining, your hardwood floor can last for many years.

Contact us for Hardwood Staining in Peoria IL & Surrounding Areas

We invite you to our showroom to view our many stain colors and types. Or, you can call Bob Kelch Floors now at 309-673-8383 for an estimate and to book an appointment. We look forward to beautifying your hardwood floors!