Floor Re-Coating

Hardwood Floor Re-Coating in Peoria IL

Look to the Experts for Hardwood Floor Re-Coating in Peoria IL & Surrounding Areas

If your hardwood floors are looking dull and damaged, you need something more than just a cleaning. You need re-coating. This involves using a buffer machine to lightly scuff the existing finish and remove deep-set debris that simple cleaning just can’t reach. The team at Bob Kelch Floors can help. Backed by 100 years in the business, we are experts at hardwood floor re-coating in Peoria IL and surrounding areas.

Our Re-Coating Process

Once we have completely buffed the whole floor, we re-coat the existing finish with another layer of finish. Remember, the existing layer of finish remains intact. We work with only the best manufacturers when it comes to our hardwood equipment and products, such as Bona Kemi, MinWax and DuraSeal Floors. We also offer a
polyurethane finish with water- or oil-based materials available to put the sheen
back in your hardwood. From kitchens to living rooms and beyond, you can trust us to
bring the luster back to your flooring.

Floor Re-Coating

Every client is different, which is why we sit down with you to go over your needs and budget. Our experts walk you through the process step by step so you’re always in the loop.

To keep up with the maintenance of your hardwood floors, we recommend re-coating your floor every 1-5 years depending on how much your floors are used. Re-coating can be done as little as one day and will help camouflage the surface scratches of your floor. Re-coating will restore the sheen and provide a protective layer to extend the life and beauty of your floor. The floor is buffed, thoroughly cleaned and a coat of finish applied to your floors.

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