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Hardwood Floor Sanding in Peoria IL

Restore the Luster of Your Floors with Hardwood Floor Sanding in Peoria IL & Surrounding Areas

Regular cleaning is great for removing dirt but nothing will restore the luster of your hardwood floors quite like sanding. This process takes off the surface layers of dirt and grime to reveal the inner beauty of your flooring. Remember what it used to look like before all those years of foot traffic and spills took their toll? Bob Kelch Floors can bring back that appeal with our hardwood floor sanding in Peoria IL and surrounding areas.

Our Process

Using the ultimate portable machine for dust-free sanding, our team uses state of the art equipment for dust-less work and no-wax maintenance. We can achieve any look you want, from satin to semi-gloss to high gloss. The Atomic DCS® offers the ultimate in power and effectiveness for dust containment, with the Atomic® 110 portable unit able to go wherever we want it to. It’s easy to transport thanks to a built-in dolly, featuring
Bona’s innovative cyclonic separation system with 110v/20 amp motors.

Hardwood Floor Sanding in Peoria IL

Our dustless sanding process has many benefits:

  • 99% of dust is captured by the machine
  • No dust settles on furniture and surrounding areas
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Safe for occupants
  • Protects household items
  • Quicker move-in time
  • Quicker clean-up time

Because breathing in the harmful dust created by hardwood floors can spur on allergic respiratory symptoms, we put your safety and health first. Dust containment is our first priority so you can start enjoying your hardwood floors as soon as possible. You won’t believe what a difference hardwood sanding can make!

Contact Us for Hardwood Floor Sanding in Peoria IL & Surrounding Areas

For a free estimate on hardwood floor sanding in Peoria IL or throughout Central Illinois and to learn more about our process, we invite you to call Bob Kelch Floors at 309-673-8383. Trust the Kelch family with your hardwood floors, in business for more than 100 years.